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Victora Chapman Hypnotherapy - London

Victoria Chapman

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

East London and online therapy to help you achieve rapid, lasting change


Overcoming anxiety and a lack of motivation

Through my sessions with Victoria I realised that I had a fear of success. Once Victoria helped me shine a light on this I was able to make significant changes to my life. I resigned from a job which made me unhappy and now my new career is going from strength to strength. This process has helped me learn from my past and view it with compassion and empathy rather than resentment and shame.  I can't thank her enough. 

Laura - Hackney

Helping you build a more positive, balanced and peaceful mindset

So often we get stuck in a loop of negative feedback with our thoughts and beliefs getting in our way.  Stopping us living the life we want to live, often causing us stress and anxiety.

By identifying and releasing these unconscious beliefs you can become free of these limitations.  Helping you grow personally and professionally into the best version of you.



Cognitive hypnotherapy is a modern form of hypnosis which is tailored to each individual's needs. It is an engaging two way process in which you can access old memories and get to the heart of the issue. You are involved in creating the changes you want to see, reframing old thoughts and beliefs.  It is a fast and effective therapy which creates lasting change.  

Through the use of light trance, conversation and a touch of humour we’ll work together to get to the root of your problem and then move you towards your desired state. 

My work incorporates a range of more traditional and modern techniques such as NLP, Gestalt, CBT, Positive Psychology, EMI and neuroscience.  This helps me be flexible and alter our sessions to meet your needs.  


Each client will receive a personalised download to listen to, to help you achieve your goals and become the best version of you.

The key principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Trance is an everyday


VCAsset 2.png

Trance is like operating on autopilot, every day we zone out and conduct our day to day activities: make a cup of tea, check Facebook, drive to work, clean the kitchen, all in a natural state of everyday trance. In these states our unconscious guides our behaviour, feelings and thought processes. Through cognitive hypnotherapy we can understand these unconscious processes and take control of those that aren’t helping us.

All behaviour has a

positive intention

VCAsset 1.png

Our unconscious is trying to protect us from harm and guide us to display behaviours that will protect us from the evolutionary need to be accepted and safe to aid survival. Sometimes this results in processing errors, as what can help us in childhood can cause us more harm than good as we grow older. For example, having a panic attack before an event could be the unconscious trying to protect us from harm but actually it’s holding us back from progressing and developing.

Everyone is unique

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Cognitive hypnotherapy is essentially dehypnotising you of your own problematic trance states to live life free from these problem patterns.  As each person comes with their own set of experiences and problem patterns, each individual receives a unique treatment program and download tailored to them.

Who am I?

Who am I?

Hi, I am Victoria Chapman.  I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP practioner based in East London and online.  I work with both individuals and corporations helping challenge issues impacting wellbeing and performance.  My goal and motivation is help you get to a position where you feel like you can thrive in your home or work environment.

My Story: 


The process is more about you than me, but here’s a little bit about me to help you understand my motivation for what I do.  I took a degree in Psychology and went on to teach Psychology in secondary education, before becoming a head of Sixth Form.  I’ve had front-line experience of seeing how negative beliefs and self-imposed sanctions can wreak havoc on our emotions, behaviour and performance.
After a natural career break, during maternity leave, I began to reappraise my own life choices and aims.  Was I living in balance? Being authentic to my beliefs and the values I hold about who I wanted to be?  In order to explore the answers to these questions,  I took some time out to study with the world renowned Quest Institute. With their training I became a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and have gone on to help many others reach their goals more easily.  So often we live in a state of protection manifested by fear.  Fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, fear of money… when ideally we would live our lives in a state of growth and development.


Here is where I can help.
Anxiety is often at the root of our faulty thoughts and behaviour.  It leaves us  living in protection rather than growth. Through hearing your story I can work with you to understand what unconscious thoughts are driving your behaviour.  I help release these thoughts and the negative emotions attached to them.  I provide you with tools and techniques to use in the here and now to help you break unhelpful habits to help you find your strength, happiness and a better relationship with yourself and those around you.
Whatever the issue you are facing, however long you have lived with it, you deserve this change and I am committed to helping you find it. Please get in contact so I can hear your story.

Lacking Confidence 

Victoria is very warm and supportive, which puts you completely at ease . I found her insights and experience to be invaluable to me and through our sessions I came to a much greater understanding of myself and what had been holding me back. Via the techniques we worked on and the knowledge I gained I was able to move forward really positively. Thoroughly recommend.

Rachael - Hastings


Victoria has a real warmth and shows a willingness to explore thoughts and feelings which makes it feel easy to open up… she is both insightful and supportive.  She has a calm and easy manner, and I have come away from sessions with her feeling as though I have really learned something about myself.

Andrea - Brighton

Public speaking 

I was a real cynic when it came to techniques to managing stress and building confidence in the workplace, assuming I would just 'get over it'.  The work I did with Victoria completely changed my view on this and the results came immediately after my first few sessions. I remember the great feeling and inner confidence I had when I went back to the workplace and did my next big presentation.  I now feel loads more confident public speaking.

Sales Director - Oracle


Treatment packages

Common treatments

Please get in contact if you have any issues, anxieties or niggling problems that you feel are holding you back and stopping you from being happy and  feeling fulfilled. Here are some of the most frequently experienced issues but even with these common issues, everyone's experience is completely unique.

As a coach and hypnotherapist I have developed a range of techniques to help you enjoy life just being you.  Unearthing a sense of inner confidence and motivation to inspire you take control and let go of whatever is holding you back.

Our sessions together:

Treatment commences with an initial consultation which involves an in-depth history take, this session can be transformational in itself, helping you to focus on what's happening, why it is and spending time discovering how you'd like to be.  This allows me to create your bespoke treatment package tailored to your needs.

All subsequent sessions involve a range of conscious and unconscious techniques to breakdown the issue and take you towards your ideal self and see the changed your are looking for.  All clients are provided with a personalised hypnotic MP3 to help get them to their end goal a little bit faster

I ask all clients to commit to a minimum of 3 - 6 sessions to feel better and see and feel the benefits of our work together.

Take Action

Finding the right therapist is important, it is investment in you, an investment in change.  To make sure that I am the right person for the job I suggest that we have a chat.  This call is as much for you as it is for me as we both need to know that we get on and can work together.

If you are happy with the way that I work and you would like to move things forward and see the changes you are looking from then please book a session and we can start our journey together.

Contact me

Wanstead, E11 2NA

07886 544 329

Contact me

Issues with self esteem 

"Through my work with Victoria, I was able to explore origins of my unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. We worked together and she taught me various skills and practices, she made recordings that I am able to use and implement in my daily life. I have found this experience really useful, helpful and now have a greater sense on control."

Lana - Hackney

We'd love to hear from you


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Victoria Chapman

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Now working in affiliation with Grow Theraputic Coaching 

I am proud to be working in affliation with this fantastic organisation which is changing the face of in-school therapy with some fantastic results.


This  year has been immensely challenging  for young people, parents and teachers. Never has it been so important to support teaching staff and help change the lives of young people and their famililes.

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