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Hypnotherapy in London for fertility issues

This is an area that really resonates with me.  The fertility journey can be tough and emotional, putting extreme stress on your relationship and friendships.  Often leading to intense feelings of frustration, sadness, disappointment and anxiety. The more you search for reasons or explanations as to why it isn’t happening, the more stressed you can feel. 

Hypnotherapy aims to help you become more comfortable and more at peace with yourself, helping to get you in a healthy psychological state so that you are in the correct place to either conceive naturally or with fertility treatment, such as IVF.  This process aims to help you release and limiting beliefs you have held around pregnancy including:

  • Gentle acceptance of the struggle with giving up

  • Helping heal any past traumas 

  • Helping you reduce stress or anxiety to promote positive mental health 

  • Shift any anxieties or stress you have around the thought of getting pregnant or having a child 

  • Help you enjoy life.

If this is something that you are experiencing, please get in contact with me and see how I could help.

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